Administración y Finanzas con _b first


With this intensive training of _b first, the ERP of the largest Logistics Operators, you will obtain the necessary knowledge and notions to enter the logistics sector, a good base to start your career in the sector.

Certification at the end of the course



With this training you will start in the ERP _b first, its way of working, screens, areas and general functions.

A first step of basic knowledge before starting to train in specific areas.


what you will learn


The _b first administration environment will allow you access to the configuration of all the work parameters of your organization: group companies, currencies, countries, classifications and concepts, as well as customers and suppliers.

_b first also allows you to carry out effective quality management through tools for managing incidents and non-conformities in business operations.


The financial management of your business must have automatic and transparent access to all your business operations and their accounting impact. For this reason, _b first has all the necessary tools to consolidate the financial and accounting information of your business and operate knowing that it has updated data at all times. From the finance area, you can carry out all billing functions, collection and payment portfolio, payment management and tax returns, statements to third parties, treasury, financial and budget accounting, fixed assets and financial analysis.



The Course is taught in web self-training modality.

The course is divided into LESSONS and these in turn into THEMES, you can do it in order or in free mode, the progress will be saved automatically and you will have access to the platform and certificates for life.

At the end of the Lessons there will be a TEST type test on the contents.

“These courses are alive” It is very possible that the information will be updated and expanded over time, keep an eye on it from time to time and keep your knowledge up to date 🙂