BI en Logística PBI


With this intensive training in BI you will be able to better understand the data model of companies in the logistics sector, navigate fluently in dashboard-type panels and extract knowledge to propose management strategies.

Certification at the end of the course


The _b first business intelligence module uses prestigious technology in the sector so that you have comparisons, margin analysis, graphs and multiple KPI’s by type of client, geographical location or any other parameter of interest. The intuitive and visual graphical interface will make it easier for you to read the information generated by your business, easily integrating with SQLServer, Microsoft Excel and multiple other data sources.



The Course is taught in web self-training modality.

The course is divided into LESSONS and these in turn into THEMES, you can do it in order or in free mode, the progress will be saved automatically and you will have access to the platform and certificates for life.

At the end of the Lessons there will be a TEST type test on the contents.

“These courses are alive” It is very possible that the information will be updated and expanded over time, keep an eye on it from time to time and keep your knowledge up to date 🙂


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